Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sony VAIO VGN-NR160E/T 15.4" Laptop

Ive had many laptops. My favorite was my mac book, to bad for the hard drive randomly dieing. This computer is close to a mac book.

Looks great! Thin and textured. Light weight. Screen is bright and beautiful.

Windows vista is really cool. Ive heard so many bad things about vista, I like it better than Windows XP. After a service pack and a couple of years, vista will be a good operating system. Windows XP was looked down upon from the start.

It kinda gets hot! That worries me. Wouldn't put it on my lap.

Upgraded the memory, it had two 512 memory cards installed, so when you buy a 1 gig card, one 512 goes buy buy.

Keyboard is awesome! Keys are spread out and aren't to close together, wished there was a scroll wheel built in though.

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