Saturday, November 24, 2007

HP Pavilion DV6275US 15.4" Entertainment Notebook PC

After reading all the good reviews and checking out my friends' older hp pavilions, I decided to buy this laptop. Considering this is HP's top of the line model, I am very disappointed. HP should not ship this out w/Vista knowing there are driver issues that have not been resolved yet & also knowing that there is annoying high pitch mosquito sound coming from the laptop, which is especially LOUD when not plugged into the AC adaptor. I've been told the sound is a result of the dual processor going into battery saving mode. For this price, I would go for a Macbook, or a cheaper PC laptop without Vista or noise issues. I'm still giving this laptop a 2 star because it has a very nice sleek design & it runs pretty fast.
HP Pavilion DV6275US 15.4" Entertainment Notebook PC

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